About the restaurant

Indulge yourself in our warm and elegant restaurant that offers a diversified menu of Chinese-Vietnamese foods as follows:

•    Two-course eel fish
•    Cubed ostrich meat
•    Six-taste mushroom hot pot
•    Field crab hot pot

Phu Tho restaurant also has “set menus” including southern-style courses that are meant for family meals, friend gatherings and others.

We provide organization services for get-togethers, birthday parties, conferences, etc. at reasonable prices.

During holidays, the restaurant serves buffets featuring over 30 specialties and other southern dishes at surprisingly discounted rates.

Promotions will be depending on the nature of each holiday period.

Special offer: The “Southern Cuisine” section at Phu Tho hotel will bring you a variety of dishes of southern taste.


Flowers and beauty salon tickets for female customers


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